Account Transfer

Transferring to Xbox One

How to transfer the ModdedAccount data to ps3, ps4, Xbox360, Xbox One And PC:

First of all wait 30-45 days when receiving the account because GTA blocks newly created accounts from transferring.

1. Go To Socialclub and login to your main socialclub account.
2. Once you have login click on the ”Link my Game Account
3. Then you click on ”PlayStation™ Network | Link My account” or ”Xbox Live Gamertag | Link My account”.
4. Once you get a pop up Log in to your Modded account.
5. Now your Socialclub is linked with your Moddedaccount.

How transfer the Modded Character to ps3, ps4, Xbox360, Xbox One And PC.

1. Make sure you SocialClub is linked to your Game Console.
2. Start Grand Theft Auto V.
3. Enter GTA Online.
4. Go to your Pause Menu and Click on Character Transfer.